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Understanding the Housing Needs of Older Owner- Occupiers



Satsangi M, McCall V & Greasley-Adams C (2015) Understanding the Housing Needs of Older Owner- Occupiers. Stirling Council. University of Stirling.

First paragraph: This research has its origins in the recognition of population ageing, where around a third of all households in the UK contain at least one person of pensionable age, and the propensity of older person households to be in home ownership - seventy-six percent of older people in the UK are owner-occupiers, with most owning their property outright (Pannell et al. 2012a, b). Furthermore, nationally attention has increasingly focused on the housing needs of older people in relation to care as over 96% of people aged 65 and over are living at home in Scotland (Scottish Government 2011: 12).

Publication date01/02/2015
PublisherUniversity of Stirling

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Professor Vikki McCall

Professor Vikki McCall

Professor of Social Policy, Housing Studies