Inclusive Living: ageing, adaptations and future-proofing homes



McCall V (2022) Inclusive Living: ageing, adaptations and future-proofing homes. Buildings and Cities, 3 (1), pp. 250-264.

Inclusive Living is a concept and practical intervention developed from a systematic literature review and co-produced by the Scottish housing sector. The approach aims to implement inclusive change in areas of development, repair, maintenance and service delivery by facilitating longer term planning within housing organisations to create homes that are accessible and allow for ageing-in-place. This synthesis paper critically examines the theories that support the Inclusive Living framework, focusing on adaptations (also known as home and environmental modifications to support accessibility). Current challenges around accessibility are explored: poor-quality homes, disinvestment in repair and maintenance, and the fragmented policy landscape and funding around adaptations. Proactive approaches to adaptations are found to lead to better outcomes for individuals and they need to be understood as a ‘public issue’ not a ‘private trouble’ to encourage investment in housing sector solutions. Practice relevance An Inclusive Living approach supports housing strategy holistically, examining not only physical modifications but also how housing facilitates social relationships and connections, tackling structural inequalities, and supporting social inclusion. This entails a life-course approach, where inclusivity in planning for the future can benefit all groups. A more systematic approach to planning for housing and ageing will be impactful, inclusive and proactive.

accessibility; adaptation; ageing; ageing-in-place; dwellings; health; homes; Scotland

Buildings and Cities: Volume 3, Issue 1

FundersScottish Federation of Housing Associations
Publication date31/12/2022
Publication date online14/04/2022
Date accepted by journal21/03/2022
PublisherUbiquity Press, Ltd.

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Professor Vikki McCall

Professor Vikki McCall

Professor of Social Policy, Housing Studies