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Housing and Ageing: Linking future strategy to future delivery for Scotland, Wales and England 2030



McCall V, Phillips J, Lovatt M, Robertson J, Rutherford A, Woolrytch R, Sixsmith J, Macintyre Z, Porteus J, Ziegler F & Eadie J (2019) Housing and Ageing: Linking future strategy to future delivery for Scotland, Wales and England 2030. Scottish Universities Insight Institute and Social Policy Association.

First paragraph: In May 2018, we held a series of events with practitioners, older adults and policy makers from diverse areas of Scotland, England and Wales that share similar housing and ageing issues. Our goal was to create a set of co-designed recommendations for the UK, Scottish and Welsh governments, which would identify specific priorities and recommendations for the housing and ageing agenda – as a driver to get housing ready for the increasing future generations of older people. We must act now if we are going to meet the housing needs of future generations by 2030. The programme shared possible practice between Scotland, England and Wales, and recommendations that were developed by advisory groups within each jurisdiction. Event participants shared their knowledge, analysed policy challenges and priorities, sought to understand how policy is experienced by older people, and discussed what we can do to prepare for 2030. They also played a Serious Game, where they explored the potential long-term impacts of different policies, to help examine the issues we face and decide what to do about them.

FundersScottish Universities Insight Institute
Publication date08/12/2019
Publication date online02/12/2018
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Dr Melanie Lovatt
Dr Melanie Lovatt

Senior Lecturer, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology

Dr Vikki McCall
Dr Vikki McCall

Senior Lecturer, Housing Studies

Professor Judith Phillips
Professor Judith Phillips

Professor, Dementia and Ageing

Professor Alasdair Rutherford
Professor Alasdair Rutherford

Professor, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology