Dementia Activity Toolkit

Funded by Alberta Health Services.

purpose: To revise (Canadianize) an activity toolkit developed in Scotland for persons with dementia, then pilot and evaluate it in Alberta. Paid, volunteer or family member caregivers will use the activity toolkit to generate creative activities for persons with dementia. Positive results have been achieved in Scotland with this product. Goal: To enhance care for persons with dementia in supportive living, long term care and day support by providing them with creative, participatory opportunities for social engagement. The project will provide caregivers with a toolkit of activities that will 1) enhance communication and engagement between the caregiver and the individual with dementia,2) increase conversation and interaction between persons with dementia, and 3) introduce a related gardening-based activity targeted at creating a fun multi-sensory experience with physical, cognitive, emotional, and social elements. Objectives: 1.Revise the materials to fit the Canadian context; 2. Pilot and evaluate the materials in different environments (long term care/supportive living/day support program); 3.Provide care givers (family members, health care aides, recreation staff, etc.) with tools and activities that allow them to engage more creatively and meaningfully with persons with dementia; 4. Provide meaningful and creative opportunities for persons with dementia to interact and engage with others; and 5. Develop a plan for sustainability and growth of the use of the toolkit. Target Population: Residents in supportive living and long term care, and participants in a day support program. The facilities are in Edmonton and Calgary. All individuals participating will have dementia in varying degrees (mild to severe) as the evaluation in Scotland found that the toolkit was beneficial in its capacity to engage groups of individuals with varying skills, capacities and communicative abilities. Proposed Timelines: October 1, 2019 – September 30, 2021 (flexible depending on date of grant approval)

Total award value £5,884.00

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Professor Vikki McCall

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