Dr Evangelos Spyrakos

Associate Professor

Biological and Environmental Sciences University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Dr Evangelos Spyrakos

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PhD in Applied Physics / area of Earth observation - 2012 MSc in Applied Physics / radiative transfer processes - 2009 MSc in Environmental management - 2007 BSc in Marine Sciences - 2005

My research interests predominantly lie in the areas of light propagation and light-matter interaction in natural waters and in the use of near-ground, airborne and satellite remote sensing (RS) of aquatic environments including lakes, estuaries, coastal zones and open seas. While my research is centrered around RS and underwater light climate, my scienti¿c objectives are driven by fundamental questions on dynamics and processes in aquatic ecosystems and on the impact of human and climate induced environmental change on them.


consultancy / Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science
CEFAS - Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science

Event / Presentation

Conference organiser / UN GEO Aquawatch

Session organiser / Harmful algal blooms bio-optics and remote sensing. International conference on harmful algae 2020

Session organiser / • Remote Sensing and ecosystem health of coastal waters and oceans. LAGIRS 2020

Session organiser / • Current and potential multisensor approaches to marine litter detection. European Space Agency Living Planet
European Space Agency

Scientific commitee / • LAGIRS 2020: 2020 Latin American GRSS & ISPRS Remote Sensing Conference

Scientific commitee / European Space Agency Living Planet Symposium

keynote / • LAGIRS 2020: Latin American GRSS & ISPRS Remote Sensing Conference

keynote / • Societal Applications in Fisheries and Aquaculture using Remote Sensing Imagery

invited talk / Scottish Space symposium

invited talk / Scottish Space Symposium

invited talk / Journe Thematique GRQE organised by University of Limoges and EDF
University of Limoges

invited talk / • Remote Sensing of Inland and Coastal Waters. Breakout session at International Ocean Colour Meeting
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and European Space Agency


PhD eternal examiner / Universidade de Vigo
University of Vigo

Other Academic Activities

Scientific expert Advisory board invitation / HABtools

Research panels and grant reviewing contract / British Council-Institutional Links
The British Council

Scientific expert Advisory board invitation / H2020 LC-SPACE
European Commission

member of BioAqua network in Spain

United Nations Group of Earth observation Aquawatch / member