Assessing Land-Marine Carbon fluxes in the Arctic from Space

Funded by Scottish Government.

Collaboration with University of Bergen and University of Strathclyde.

This proposal will mainly focus on strengthening the collaboration with University of Bergen and allow for some exploratory research on earth observation of coastal environments in Scotland and Norway.

LANMARCS will use in-situ data and Earth Observation methods for assessing land-marine carbon fluxes in the Arctic. This is a scoping study to identify gaps to fully exploit recent developments for monitoring land-marine carbon fluxes in Arctic environments. LANMARCS will build on previous experience in Scotland and Norway to develop an interdisciplinary framework for a continuous, high-quality data and accessible monitoring system to understand the effects of increasing glacial run off in the Arctic. Moreover, our project will bring together different disciplines to support responsible, inclusive, and sustainable decision-making towards mitigation and adaptation of climate change.

Total award value £9,957.32


Dr Evangelos Spyrakos
Dr Evangelos Spyrakos

Associate Professor, BES

Professor Andrew Tyler
Professor Andrew Tyler

Scotland Hydro Nation Chair, Biological and Environmental Sciences