University of Stirling celebrates largest group of Singapore graduates

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Singapore 2023 graduates
More than 150 students graduated

The University of Stirling has celebrated the graduation of the largest group of students from its programmes delivered at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM).

A ceremony was held to recognise the achievements of more than 150 graduates in BA Marketing, BA Events Management, BA Sports Studies and Marketing, BA Digital Media and BA Retail Marketing. 

Professor Sir Gerry McCormac, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Stirling, said: “We were delighted to recognise the achievements of 157 graduates – our largest cohort to date. We’re incredibly proud of their efforts and wish them the very best in their future careers.”

Singapore 2023 graduates Class of 2023 is the largest ever cohort of graduates from the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

The University of Stirling formed an international partnership with SIM in 2011 which sees students taught in Singapore by academic staff from across the University of Stirling. Students can choose from five courses on offer and graduate with a University of Stirling degree.

Marketing graduate Cassia Seet said: “My time at University of Stirling was both enriching and enjoyable. I was glad to be part of a dynamic community where students from all walks of life came together to cultivate an environment of collaboration and mutual learning.  

“This nurturing community provided a safe space for each of us to exchange knowledge and insights, allowing us to expand our worldview and to look at it through different lenses. In fact, this was only made possible with the guidance of our seasoned lecturers, tutors and administrative staff who formed the support system of the student body and emphasised the value of collaborative effort.  

“Not only did I get to grasp the theoretical concepts of marketing, but I also had the opportunity to apply those concepts in real-world contexts, often through group projects and academic writing. For instance, the multiple assignments that required us to conceptualise marketing campaigns allowed me to immerse myself into the practical side of the subject and to have a taste of what it felt to be an actual marketing practitioner.  

“It was immensely rewarding to see how the knowledge gained within the classroom could be seamlessly translated into real-world situations. It also helped that our lecturers and tutors shared generously about their industry experiences and new industry practices.” 

Singapore 2023 graduate Cassia Seet Marketing graduate Cassia Seet

Events Management graduate Lim Jien Wui Kenny said: “Studying at the University of Stirling was a great experience. The collaborative environment not only enhanced our teamwork skills but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among us. Sharing ideas, brainstorming solutions, and pooling our strengths made the learning process more dynamic and enjoyable. Through these interactions, I not only expanded my network but also formed lasting friendships with like-minded individuals who share my enthusiasm for the events industry. 

“I intend to continue to work as an event manager in my current company. I have developed a strong rapport with my colleagues and have gained a deep understanding of the company's event management processes and culture. This familiarity puts me in a favourable position to contribute effectively and take on greater responsibilities. Furthermore, the opportunities for professional growth and the potential to lead larger projects align well with my career aspirations.” 

The University’s Deputy Principal (Internationalisation), Professor Neville Wylie, who attended the graduation ceremony said: “It was a privilege to be in Singapore to celebrate the graduation of our largest group of students. This milestone underlines that our partnership with SIM continues to go from strength to strength. 

“It was also a great pleasure to mark the work of SIM with our expanding global network of international alumni at a reunion event this week.”  

Singapore 2023 graduate Lim Jien Wui Kenny
Events Management graduate Lim Jien Wui Kenny

Professor Leigh Sparks, Deputy Principal for Education and Students, who presided over the graduation ceremony, said: “It is wonderful to see another cohort of graduates go through our graduation ceremony and join our extensive alumni in Singapore. 

“Beginning with retail studies almost 35 years ago, Stirling has had a long track record of collaboration and learning with Singapore, and it was exciting to meet so many friends at our alumni reunion this week.” 

The Singapore graduates join a Stirling alumni community of more than 100,000 worldwide. 

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