Double the degree, double the experience – one international student’s story

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The signs were there from her first foray into higher education that Flora Horvath had itchy feet, and a restless mind. 

Flora is fluent in two languages and has knowledge of two more, and a deep interest and international and trade relations. So, it wasn’t a surprise when she started looking outside of her native Hungary to broaden her knowledge.

When she found out about a double business degree on offer by the University of Stirling and Budapest Business University, where she was studying, she wanted to know more.

Within months, Flora was among the first cohort of students for the double degree, arriving at Stirling Management School (SMS) in January 2023 to continue her Masters in International Business. 

Staff and students on campus Staff from Stirling Management School with students from the first cohort of the double degree with Budapest Business University.

“The trade policies guiding the flow of products between countries genuinely grabbed my interest. To me, the circulation of products was akin to the lifeblood of countries. And I wanted to know more about it. I wanted to understand it with the hope that one day, I would be able to affect it, and maybe direct it,” explains Flora, who already has a degree in International Relations.

She then turned her attention to renewable energy and how countries are changing their aging infrastructure to one that can be fuelled by renewable energy sources. “I want to be part of this change. I want to see the world and help the world go fully green,” she says.

It wasn’t just the draw of studying in two institutions that pulled in Flora. A keen sports and health enthusiast, she liked the look of Scotland’s University for Sporting Excellence, and in particular the University of Stirling’s surfing club.

“I had never surfed, but the members of the club assured me they were well-equipped to prepare me. Plus, the campus is equipped with a rather high-quality gym that would allow me to spend what free time I had exercising and trying out classes.”

Professor Kevin Grant, Dean of Stirling Management School, said: “It’s so rewarding to see the first of our SMS/Budapest students progressing with their double degrees. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to study at two institutions and increase their future career prospects while expanding their networks. Partnership with the Budapest Business University provides a powerful vehicle for promoting civic engagement, cultivating international economic development, and fostering teaching and research exchanges for staff and students, as we advance our common interests globally.”

Dean of the Faculty of International Management and Business of Budapest Business University, Dr. Katalin Csekő, said: “The dual degree opportunity fosters students’ employability, and the teaching and research collaboration supports greatly the strategic aspirations of both universities.”

If you are interested in studying for a double degree, or any other, at Stirling Management School please visit Business School - Stirling Management School | About | University of Stirling