University and Students’ Union strengthen commitment to green investment

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Airthrey Loch

The University of Stirling and Students’ Union have joined forces to mark the institution’s commitment to not invest in fossil fuel companies.

The development, in line with Stirling’s long-standing socially responsible investment policy, helps the University ensure it continues to embed sustainability at the core of its business practices.

Professor Gerry McCormac, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, said: “We’ve always taken our commitment to environmental sustainability seriously – both on our campus and around the world.

University and Students' Union leadership

L-R: Principal, Professor Gerry McCormac; and Students' Union's Matt Woodthorpe and President Astrid Smallenbroek

“For instance, our Combined Heat and Power Plant, introduced in 2014, provides most of our electricity and heating – while dramatically reducing our carbon footprint – and we’ve taken major strides in reducing the amount of waste generated by the University.

“Furthermore, through the Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal, we’ll play a central role in delivering Scotland’s International Environment Centre. Through the Centre, we’ll help offer a comprehensive approach to economic growth through innovation and enterprise, skills training and sustainable environmental management.”

Astrid Smallenbroek, Students’ Union President, said: “With the Students’ Union’s continuing focus and commitment to sustainability, we are incredibly pleased to see the University taking action as a direct result of student feedback.”