Inspired! exhibition

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(Open Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00)
Crush Hall, Pathfoot BuildingFree
Image: Inspired! exhibition

Each academic year, all of the Art Collection’s exhibitions, events and workshops are directly inspired by one of the University research themes.  In 2023-24 our chosen focus is Inspired! in which we celebrate how the beautiful University of Stirling campus and our collections have inspired creativity in many ways.

The source of inspiration for this exhibition came from a single painting: ‘Cadmium and Light Red’ by Patrick Heron. While moving this painting during a rehang a year ago, we propped it briefly here in this bright space, and instantly saw it with fresh eyes. So, in this exhibition, we have placed this work at centre stage on the opposite wall, and hung other works around it, taking inspiration from it. 

Two defining components of Heron’s work are shape and colour, and we have similarly based our choice here on colour - a multitude of reds -and the shapes and creations which other artists have made using these shades. What comes to mind when you think of red? It is usually thought of as a powerful, emotional colour and it can be dominant even in small quantities. It certainly always makes an impact which is perhaps why artists like to use it.

We hope that there will be something here for everyone – and that each person who takes a look will find some inspiration in it.

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