Iain (M) Banks: Two Authors, One Man

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Image: Iain (M) Banks: Two Authors, One Man

Born in Fife, Iain Banks studied English Literature, Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Stirling, graduating in 1975. His first novel, The Wasp Factory, was published in 1984. Throughout his literary career he wrote both mainstream fiction (including The Bridge, The Crow Road and Whit) as Iain Banks, and science fiction (including the hugely influential and prescient Culture series, which began in 1987 with Consider Phlebas) as Iain M. Banks.

This exhibition presents a selection of material from the Iain Banks Archive*, held in the University of Stirling Archives. Students from our Exhibition Interpretation and Design course were granted access to the archive and have created a display which includes never-before-seen writings and correspondence; notes showing Banks’ writing process; fan mail and fan art; and international editions of Banks’ novels.

The exhibition is on display in the University Library, which is located at the centre of the campus. External visitors will be provided with access to the library by staff at the library reception desk.

See how to access the material from the Iain Banks Archive on the University of Stirling Archives website.

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