The logo is the most visible element of our identity. Logo downloads are available for internal members of staff only.  If you are an agency or third party, please contact the Marketing Team with your requirements at marketingteam@stir.ac.uk. Always use the master logo for reproduction.

Logo Variants

Full colour primary logo (Pantone 349)

Full colour primary logo (Pantone 349)

Full colour secondary logo (Pantone 368)

Full colour secondary logo (Pantone 368)

Our primary logo is the full colour primary logo in Pantone 349. Please use this option where possible. Alternative colour variants have been created based on our primary logo and follow the same principles and rules of application. You must always use master artwork when reproducing the logo.

Mono logo (Black) one colour

Mono logo (Black) one colour

Mono reversed logo (White) one colour

Mono reversed logo (White) one colour

Crest and wordmarque elements

Our logo is made up of two basic elements. The 'wordmarque' relates to the words 'University of Stirling'. The wordmarque and the crest should never be separated, except for use as a social media avatar. Please refer to the social media guidelines for more information.

University of Stirling logo crest

Logo exclusion zone

Our logo needs to stand out. If there are lots of other elements crowding around it, it loses impact.

The exclusion zone refers to the minimum amount of space we should have around the logo. It’s worth remembering that this is just a minimum – it’s better to give the logo more space than this.

We measure the exclusion zone by taking the height of the crest and using it to mark out the surrounding area. No other elements should encroach on this clear space.


University of Stirling logo

Minimum size

It’s also important to keep our logo legible, so we have provided a minimum size for reproduction.


University of Stirling logo - size options

Logo positioning

Primary position

The primary position for the logo is either top or bottom right. 

Secondary position

In some cases the top or bottom right may not be suitable eg. web applications. In this case the logo can be placed in the left hand corner.

University of Stirling letterhead logos

Incorrect usage

  • Do not use colours other than the brand colours
  • Do not distort the logo
  • Do not stack the logo
  • Do not change the typeface in the logo 
  • Do not rotate the logo 
  • Do not change the arrangement of the elements 
  • Do not change the size of any of the logo elements
  • Do not place the logo on busy backgrounds
  • Do not place the logo in a box
  • Do not place the logo with low contrasting colours
  • Do not use the wordmarque without the crest

University of Stirling logo bad usage examples

Logo subtitling

All faculties and professional services use a subtitled logo which features the faculty/service name below the University logo. Examples of this may be for stationery.

All faculty headings should appear in the approved University fonts.

University of Stirling logo letterhead