Infographics are a great way of conveying our impressive facts and figures succinctly, and so we can use them to support longer forms of copy within printed documents such as prospectuses and course leaflets as well as digital applications.

For short statistics, use the roundel and for longer quotes you can use the brackets or a box to contain information.


A graphic depicting several different styles of infographic which we use as part of our brand

A graphic depicting our alternative infographic style

Charts and graphs

Information should only be put into graph or chart form if it makes it easier for the reader to understand. If a graph or chart is not easily understood it is not serving its purpose and should not be used.

If it is necessary to use a graph or chart to deliver information, it is important that it is kept as simple as possible, with colour used to aid clarity and not to decorate. 




Infographic of figures examples

Infographic of charts examples