The Procurement Services team is part of the Finance Office.It provides a professional procurement service to the University community, with its primary responsibilities including:

To develop

maintain, promote and implement the University's Procurement Strategy Category Strategies, Policies, and Procedures.

To measure

and report institutional procurement performance.

To ensure

that the University complies fully with all relevant Scottish, UK and EU procurement regulations and legislation.

To publish

and maintain a public contracts register and publish annually an organisational procurement strategy and annual report as required by the Procurement (Scotland) Regulations 2016.

To assist

appropriately in the procurement of the goods, services and works 
required by Faculties and Service Areas.

To ensure

the University meets its obligations under the Scottish Government’s Suppliers Charter.

To query

and constructively challenge the initial definitions of requirement created by end users and suggest alternatives as PS deem appropriate.

To support 

unregulated (i.e. competitions conducted for contracts that are out with the scope of the Procurement Scotland Regulations 2016 and the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulation 2015) spend activity undertaken by Faculties and Service Directorates.

To provide

information on current procurement frameworks and contracts and advice on their use.

To provide

training opportunities, as appropriate, for all University staff who have procurement and purchasing responsibilities.

To provide

information and advice on all procurement related matters.

To provide

market intelligence and conduct market engagement and research as requested by Faculties and Service Directorates.

To pursue

and develop co-operative relationships with all those involved in purchasing and procurement within Faculties and Directorates and those who represent the University on regional, inter-regional and national procurement bodies.

To have positive

and proactive engagement with APUC and other HE/FE and public sector entities in relation to issues of policy, practice, information sharing and collaboration and specifically to represent the University on the Policy and Strategy Group (PSG).

To embed

proportionate Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) with the University's key strategic suppliers and so mitigate supply chain risk.

To conduct

or support all regulated tenders (i.e. competitions conducted for contracts that are within the scope of the Procurement Scotland Regulations 2016 and the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulation 2015) and on behalf of, and in collaboration, with Faculties and Service Directorates.