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Flying Start Leadership Programme

Before you delve into your postgraduate course, we’ll get you engaged on our innovative Flying Start Leadership Programme.

You’ll have the opportunity to undertake our programme of activities, which will challenge your perspective of culture and develop your self-awareness, as well as team-working, problem-solving and presentation skills.

Employers are looking for graduates like you, who have the ability to work under pressure, manage conflict and work well in a team. Your self-confidence and business skills will grow to take you to the next level in your career. You’ll discover how to take part in networking and improve your communication skills. Our supportive programme will help you achieve your ambitions through transforming your ‘soft-skills’, valued across industry.

What's covered?

  1. Communication and presentation skills – gain confidence in public speaking and learn the do’s and don’ts of an excellent PowerPoint presentation to support your communication skills.
  2. Developing cultural intelligence – explore cultural diversity in global business.
  3. Self-awareness – you’ll make better decisions and interact more effectively with others if you’re self-aware.
  4. Personal development plan – understand your strengths, weaknesses and goals.
  5. The business challenge - can you beat the competition and make the most profit within the allotted time? Working in groups, you’ll make decisions and perform tasks associated with the running of a manufacturing company.
  6. Networking skills – gain the confidence to introduce yourself and make conversation with people unfamiliar to you.
  7. Solutions for business – this event brings you together with business leaders to tackle and resolve everyday business issues.
  8. Team working – you’ll understand the importance of working as part of a team.
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