Student policy for campus space bookings

The following policy applies to all bookings by students at the University of Stirling for rooms, study spaces and event spaces within the Atrium and Campus Central.

In making a booking, the student is accepting the requirements set out in the policy and will be responsible for compliance with these terms by all individuals attending/participating in the activity taking place at the booked room/space. This policy should be read alongside the University’s Student Terms and Conditions.


Terms of use and making/cancelling bookings

  1. Bookings must only be made for Student Union Clubs, Societies or Sports Club or to help
    facilitate group work and studying directly related to a student’s University of Stirling
  2. All rooms and University space must be used in a way that could not cause a nuisance to
    other University users, damage the room/space, or could bring the University into
  3. Students attending the booked room/space must behave in a way that meets the
    University’s expectations regarding student conduct, as set out in the Student Charter and
    the University’s student disciplinary procedure – Ordinance 2, Code of Student Discipline.
    Any conduct which does not meet these expectations may result in the University taking
    action in line with the Code of Student Discipline. Any conduct of an individual attending the
    booked room/space who is not a student that does not meet with University’s expectations,
    will be reported to the relevant authority and the University may also take action as
  4. All rooms and University spaces must not to be used for any profit-making activities or
    commercial gain, out with your University of Stirling programme of study and/or
    Clubs, Societies or Sports Clubs.
  5. Where a booking is being sought for an activity which will be open to members of the public,
    prior permission for this must be obtained from the University through the Timetabling,
    Exams and Graduation Team. Where such prior permission has not be obtained, the room
    booking should not be made and the activity must not go ahead. Permission must be sought
    at least seven working days in advance of the intended date of the activity/booking.
  6. If your event involves an external speaker or organisation, you must provide full details of
    this on the online booking form. Approval of the event will be at the discretion of the
    University of Stirling who may require you to provide more information.
  7. Any activity that could lead to personal injury or harm or that may damage equipment or
    property is prohibited within University rooms and spaces.
  8. Any individual wishing to bring their own items of electrical equipment onto campus and use
    them in the booked room/space should ensure that each item has been tested by a qualified
    electrician and that confirmation of this testing is available.
  9. The University shall not be liable for any damage to, or loss of goods or property brought
    into the booked room or space by those persons attending the booked session. In case of
    Student Union affiliated Club, Society or Sports Team's activities and property is covered
    by the Students' Union's Public Liability Insurance. Every care should be taken to protect
    your members, equipment, and belongings.
  10. The University reserves the right in its absolute discretion and without giving reasons, to
    refuse or cancel any booking at any time prior to the event commencement date. In this
    respect the University will not be liable for any resulting financial loss. The Club/Society
    Secretary, or the person who booked the room, will be notified in such instances via email.
  11. Reservations for teaching or examination purposes are given priority over all other bookings
    in teaching rooms. This may result in bookings being cancelled.
  12. If a booked room or space is no longer required, the person who made the booking is
    required to cancel the booking using the method it was booked by.
  13. Clubs & Societies are responsible for ensuring that all attendees comply with any of the points
    that are included within the Risk Assessment.
  14. The University reserves the right to remove student access to the online room booking system
    where a student is found to have breached the Terms and Conditions of this document.

Using the booked room or space

  1. Fire exits must be kept clear at all times and all those attending the booked session should
    familiarise themselves with the fire evacuation route poster displayed as soon as they enter
    the room or space.
  2. The maximum capacity of the booked room or space must not be exceeded.
  3. Ensure that you report any faults at the time of arrival. Faults can be reported
  4. Use the hand sanitisers supplied.
  5. Do not adjust any mechanical ventilation in the room. Faults can be reported
  6. Noise levels must be kept to an acceptable level and must not impact on others.
  7. Eating is not permitted, but water is allowed. If the booking requires food and
    refreshments, these must be provided by the University’s catering team. Booking with any
    alternative external caterer is not permitted however in exceptional cases where an
    alternative catering provider is required these arrangements will be handled by Commercial
    Services. If you have booked a Lecture Theatre, note that Catering cannot be delivered to
    these rooms.
  8. Home-cooked foods are not permitted at the event or fundraising activity. (Home cooked
    food means food that has been prepared at unregistered premises and has not been subject
    to the controls of the Food Hygiene (Scotland) Regulations 2006. It applies to food that is put
    for sale or donated whether for profit or not and is made available to groups of staff,
    students, and visitors).
  9. The provision of alcohol, for sale or consumption within the University premises may only be
    provided by trained staff and must at all times be conducted in accordance with the
    appropriate sections of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005. Applications for particular licences
    for the provision of alcohol require a minimum of 35 days’ notice and requests for the
    provision of alcohol at any event or function must be made to Commercial Services in
    adequate time to permit the application to be processed. This is also subject to a fee at time
    of application for the license.
  10. If the booking requires portering, cleaning or security services over and above the standard
    level of service provided in the University, the booker will be liable for any additional costs.
    The University reserves the right to charge in full for any damages or destruction of
    University property by the booker or persons attending any meeting or function.

At the end of your booking

  1. At the end of a booking, it is essential that the room or space is returned in its original state.
  2. Any whiteboards or chalkboards used should be cleaned and the desks and IT equipment
    used should be wiped with the anti-viral sprays or wipes available in the room. If there are
    no wipes or spray in the room, contact 2444 to request more.
  3. Any rubbish must be placed in a bin or otherwise removed from the room/booked space
  4.  Furniture and equipment in the room must be put back to default layout if moved.
  5. Any items left behind at the end time of the day will be treated by cleaning staff as litter for
  6. Vacate the room on time and leave the room quietly.

Specific requirements in relation to the booking of exhibition

  1. A minimum of 7 working days’ notice is required for the booking of Atrium stands.
  2. Any display materials, signage or collateral used on the stand must be in line with Universitystandards and must be typed no handwritten materials can be used.
  3. Signage must not be applied to walls or any surfaces other than the display boards provided.
  4. Stand areas must be always kept clean and tidy for the duration of the booking.
  5. Stand space must be returned in its original state. Ensure that any collateral is
    removed, as this cannot be left in the event area. Any papers remaining in the areas at the
    end of the day will be treated by cleaning staff as litter and disposed of.
  6. Stand areas and equipment must be returned in the original condition. Any damages
    incurred will result in a charge being made to the Clubs or Societies to make good the
  7. The University will not take responsibility for delivery of any items for stands.
  8. In the case of exhibition stands these will include one table, two chairs and one display
    board. Any additional requirements will be charged for. If power is required at the stand, it
    must be requested at time of booking. Only certain locations have access to

Specific requirements in relation to booking the Atrium

  1. All bookings for a stall in the Atrium must be made in the first instance to the Student Union
    who in turn will check and then forward to Stirling Venues to progress the booking. When
    booking a space, students are requested to also confirm the activity that will be taking place.
    Further instructions and guidance are available.
  2. Advance notice provides the best opportunity in securing your preferred option. Make your booking 7 days in advance for clubs and societies.
  3. The University will accept no liability or responsibility for fees due to, or any other
    requirements relating to, the Performing Rights Society, Phonographic Performance Ltd or
    any other organisation involved with music performance rights. Responsibility for any fees
    payable or duties to be discharged remains entirely with the person or organisation making
    the reservation.
  4. No charge is made for the use of Atrium by an approved Club or Society within the
    University, but a charge may be levied against the Club or Society where it is necessary to
    provide extra cleaning, portering or security services. In this respect it is the responsibility
    of the Club or Society to tidy up all litter and leave all furniture properly positioned. A charge
    will be made to the Club or Society if cleaning or portering/security staff have subsequently
    to be provided to make good any failure on the part of the Club or Society to carry out these
  5. The cancellation of bookings must be notified to Stirling Venues as soon as possible. The
    Club or Society will be liable for any cost already incurred based on any requirements that
    have been requested and actioned.

In an emergency/if a student is unwell

  1. In the event of a fire, follow the normal evacuation procedure by calmly leaving the
    building by the nearest exit.
  2. If anyone is unwell or requires first aid, contact 7999 from an internal telephone. This
    number is manned 24 hours per day. Be prepared to give your name and location.

Any queries regarding these Terms and Conditions should be sent to


Last updated December 2022