Dissertation Extension Requests


It is expected that the vast majority of undergraduate and postgraduate students will be able to submit their dissertations on time, and will not require an extension.

How do I apply for a dissertation extension?

In the first instance, you should discuss your dissertation extension request with your dissertation supervisor.

A standard dissertation extension request should be applied for via Canvas, within the Faculty.
A dissertation extension request of more than 14 days, or 21 days for students with an ARUAA, but no more than 3 months, should be applied for via Extenuating Circumstances, within the Faculty. See information about the Extenuating Circumstances policy and procedure, and the downloadable application form.

Only in exceptional circumstances will dissertation extension requests of more than 3 months be considered, as students are normally expected to be able to complete 60 credits of study within 3 months. A dissertation extension request of more than 3 months must be approved by the Academic Panel.

To apply for a dissertation extension of more than 3 months, your dissertation supervisor should email your completed Extenuating Circumstances form, independent supporting documentation, and their own supervisor statement, confirming that the request is reasonable in light of the circumstances being cited, to studentprogrammes@stir.ac.uk, for the attention of the Academic Panel.

I am a part-time student, how does this impact my dissertation extension request?

Your mode of attendance does not impact your dissertation extension request. You will not be granted a longer dissertation extension as a result of your part-time status.

What information should my request include?

In your dissertation extension request you must:

  • Make your case, and provide independent supporting documentation of the circumstances that have caused you to request a dissertation extension, i.e. medical documentation or other relevant independent supporting documentation.
  • Confirm your original submission deadline.
  • Confirm the new submission deadline agreed with your dissertation supervisor should the extension request be granted. On agreeing a new submission deadline your supervisor needs to take into account the work done to date and the impact of the circumstances going forward, to ensure the date is reasonably achievable but does not give you an advantage over students who do submit on time

When will I know if my dissertation extension request has been granted?

If you are requesting a standard dissertation extension, or a dissertation extension of up to three months, your Faculty will notify you of the outcome once a decision has been made.

If you are requesting a dissertation extension of more than three months, requiring approval from the Academic Panel, you will be notified of the outcome in the days following the next Academic Panel meeting. The Academic Panel typically meets once a month.