Student accommodation and the code of student discipline

We know how important it is that you’re happy in your accommodation, and we do all we can to foster a positive living environment on and off campus.

Celebrating the diversity of our community and encouraging respect for all is right at the heart of what the University of Stirling stands for, and the accommodation team understands that upholding these ideals helps to create an atmosphere in which you can live comfortably and study successfully.

Follow our Code of Student Discipline

To help create a positive environment for all, we ask every student at the University to abide by our Code of Student Discipline. The code is designed, among other things, to ensure you and your neighbours have equal opportunities to thrive, study and have fun during your time at Stirling.

Whether you’re living in student accommodation or renting privately, we ask you to:

  • Acknowledge that the campus is a place of study and work, and for many it is also their home, and to therefore conduct yourself in a manner that ensures your behaviour is consistently respectful and considerate to all other members of the University community, visitors to the campus, and to the campus facilities and grounds. 
  • Behave responsibly and appropriately on all occasions in the communities surrounding the campus, and elsewhere in the wider public community during your time as a student.