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Immigration Advice

Home Office Licence Number: 1VDYX5Q62

The University of Stirling is a sponsor with a track record of compliance under the UK Points Based System for immigration. This means that we are able to welcome international students from all over the world to study at our campus. This section explains your responsibilities if you are a the holder of a student visa, and provides detailed advice and guidance for all international students.

The University of Stirling has an obligation to check that all students have permission to study in the UK. We will ask to see your passport and visa before you begin your course. All students must provide a valid passport or travel document which satisfactorily establishes your identity, nationality and permission to study.

The Student Immigration Team is here to help you with enquiries regarding your immigration status, the application process, or visa extensions. From your initial application onto your first course, to extending your stay when continuing your studies, we will offer advice and support as you navigate through the UK immigration system.

Immigration is changing all the time, and the UK Points Based System for immigration is not immune to these changes. It is therefore extremely important that students understand their responsibilities, keep up-to-date with the most recent regulations when applying for their visas, and access the free specialist immigration advice that we offer.

Detailed, easy-to-read advice and links to official UK Government visa information is available through this site.

We recommend that you read the available information and check the other useful links section before you contact us. Straightforward questions or requests can often be resolved quickly by following the advice on this site.

We are currently working remotely. Please send questions and requests by email in the first instance. 

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