Internationalisation and Partnerships

As a global institution, the University of Stirling has established a diverse portfolio of innovative and productive partnerships with organisations across the world.

We have established long-standing strategic international partnerships, promoting research and teaching excellence with a global impact. These partnerships are fundamental to sharing our core values with similar organisations worldwide.

We support the development and management of a range of collaborative teaching, research and recruitment partnerships including:

  • joint, dual and double degrees
  • transnational (in-country) education programmes
  • student and staff mobility
  • articulation
  • international access provision
  • knowledge exchange

We’re investing in developing new international partnerships, working collaboratively to help solve global issues and making a difference in higher education across the world.

Art Collection

The tradition of collecting art goes back to the founding of the University of Stirling in 1967. Since then, the University has built a significant collection of Scottish contemporary art and sculpture which is mainly housed in the modernist Pathfoot Building but also displayed across the campus.

We aim to make art and culture a part of everyday life for staff, students and visitors from home and abroad.

International mobility

Our international mobility team provides life-changing opportunities that give our students new perspectives and broaden their horizons.

We enhance the external profile of the University, and create global citizens with our reciprocal exchange and Study Abroad partnerships, our well-established International Summer School and bespoke English language programmes.

Global advancement

The University of Stirling was founded on philanthropy. Our global advancement consists of three outward-facing teams: alumni relations, business engagement and philanthropy. These teams help to promote the University and its interests to a range of key stakeholders, including former students and staff, current and prospective donors and key local and sectoral decision-makers. Everything we do makes a positive difference to people’s lives.

Philanthropic support is a crucial part of the Stirling spirit, which is to inspire support for a world-class research institute that prepares the leaders of tomorrow.

Alumni and business engagement

With an alumni community of more than 100,000, University of Stirling graduates can be found making a difference in every part of the world. We’re proud of this diverse, vibrant family and the work they do across all sectors. Alumni support our students, helping them to make the decision to come to Stirling and developing their employability skills.

Businesses benefit from our research through joint-funded research programmes, enhancing the impact of our work. Our ability to understand the needs and priorities of organisations supports business growth and talent identification, develops the graduate workforce and builds partnerships for innovation.

We aim to grow and develop our high quality, sustainable partnerships. If you’re interested in exploring partnership or teaching collaboration opportunities, please contact our team on