Attendance monitoring: information for staff

Autumn 2022 semester sees the launch of a digital attendance monitoring system, which will make gathering attendance data quick and easy for staff and students.

The system is part of the University of Stirling app and allows students to register their attendance at timetabled classes with a click of a button. This should be used in all timetabled classes including online and on campus lectures, seminars and other teaching activities.

Using the app will make it quicker and easier to record attendance and will create a digital record of attendance which we can then use to follow up non-attendance and welfare issues. The app also allows students to view their own attendance record.

All timetabled teaching sessions, lectures, seminars and other activities should have attendance recorded, whether online or on campus, so we can rely on accurate attendance data.

How do student’s check-in their attendance?

On the app, students will see the “My Attendance” tile, which leads to a list of their current classes and tutorials.

At the start of a class, the tutor supplies a six-digit code which the students enter into the app to register. If a student can’t attend, they can give a reason from the menu. Check in is available from 15 minutes before class, until 15 minutes after the class begins. (e.g. 9.45- 10.15 for a 10am class)

The App also shows the student their history of attendance

Giving the code to students

Academics can illustrate the code on screen, write on the board or simply communicate it verbally. Bear in mind students with specific learning difficulties, visual or auditory disabilities will appreciate the code being offered in both visual and auditory ways and will require time to enter it correctly.

In the instances of online classes, the code can be communicated via emails or MS Teams.

Find out about My Attendance for students

How do academics find the 6 digit code?

  1. Go to the “Attendance Management” tile on the app
  2. Select the current timetabled event.
  3. The code will be displayed and you can share it with your class.

A smart phone is the easiest and quickest way to use the app but alternatively, the code can be found by accessing Attendance Monitoring in the app via your web browser.

The code will be available to you on the app 15 minutes prior to the commencement of a timetabled event

If there is a change of lecturer, any staff member can find the appropriate code via the search functionality in the app – search for the original lecturer and pick up the code from their timetabled classes.

Find out about My Attendance for staff

Download the app

Get the University of Stirling app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Questions and issues

What happens if I want to change a class, cancel a class or the tutor details change?

This system relies on the accuracy of the central timetable so changes to classes or details of who is teaching should be notified to the timetabling team immediately, via your faculty timetable co-ordinators.

I’m on a field trip with no internet access – can I issue the code retrospectively?

In the instance where there is no internet access, students will need to be checked-in by teaching staff on the return to campus or when there is an internet connection, as soon as possible after the event.

Someone else is taking my seminar tomorrow. Can they access the code?

The code can be found by any member of teaching staff/professional services staff by running a simple search. Watch our guide on how to do this.

Students informed me at the end of class their phone has no battery (forgotten phone) – Can I check them in at the end?

Yes, staff will be able to check-in students for up to 7 days after class.

A student has changed their module at the start of semester and the class is not yet on their personal timetable, can I still check them in?

No, the timetable takes 24 hours to update. You will need to check-in students who are unable to do so the following day, once the changes to the timetable have been actioned. Students can only change modules within a two week window of the start of semester.

What happens if I forget to issue the code on the day?

Students will be sent reminders to ask them to check-in, so they may help to remind you. However, please make this part of your routine in all timetabled classes to ensure that the attendance records are accurate.  

If students can give reasons for non-attendance on the app do they still need to self-certify?

Yes, at present both are required, but this will be kept under review to streamline the system

Students can just share the code, what’s to stop them cheating the system?

This system is used widely in the sector and does, to some extent rely on the students not cheating the system. You can take measures to help reduce that risk by only sharing the code in class and not make it widely available. You can also check the app in class to do a quick spot check of who has registered attendance (if you have 5 students in front of you and 20 registered in attendance, there is something wrong!).

Can I rely on this for registering students at visa engagement points during the semester?

Due to the importance of getting the records right for these sessions, it is recommended that you also carry out a visual check to ensure the digital record of attendance is correct.

What happens if a student claims they were in attendance after the fact but their attendance is not recorded?

The onus is on the student to ensure they register attendance or let you know if they have a problem doing so. If they register attendance the app confirms that they have done so, so there should be no reason for them thinking they have registered when they have not.

I cannot see the My Attendance Tile on my app, what do I do?

Occasionally the tiles on the University app are reordered on the app home screen so try scrolling down.

Make sure the University app is up to date – this will ensure the ‘My Attendance’ tile will display correctly.

To do this, check your app store for the ‘University of Stirling’ app and check to see if any updates are available.

A smart phone is the easiest and quickest way to use the app but alternatively, the code can be found by accessing Attendance Monitoring in the app via your web browser.

My timetable is not up to date or is wrong, what do I do?

Make sure your timetable is up to date on the CampusM app.

To do this you should regularly pull down on the timetable screen to refresh the data. Timetabled data is refreshed, once every 24 hours, overnight.

If it is still not right, check the central timetable is correct by contacting your faculty timetable co-ordinators who can liaise with Central Timetabling should changes need to be made to the timetable.

I have the correct operating system but I still can’t check-in a student's attendance. What do I do?

Try to uninstall and reinstall the app on your device. App updates and system improvements may have been introduced that need to be updated on your phone. App updates can happen throughout the year.

Also make sure you have Notifications turned on for the app.

If you are still unable to get My Attendance to work, or you feel your timetable data is incorrect please contact the Information Centre at