Student feedback on modules

Module Feedback Surveys

Module feedback surveys are one of the ways we gather student feedback and improve the student experience. We listen carefully to your feedback and take action on it, where we can. The module feedback survey takes place towards the end of each taught module. It gives students the opportunity to reflect on their experience of the module, what worked well and where enhancements could be considered for future iterations of the module.

For modules at the start of programmes, early module check-in is a short pulse survey, launched within the first few weeks of the module. This is designed to find out how things are going and if any adjustments need to be made to support students on the module immediately. For example, in the past, the responses prompted a reduction in workload and additional support offered on some modules.

We also encourage students to discuss issues and provide feedback throughout a module, so the teaching team are aware of issues as they arise. Students can speak directly to the teaching team or through their module representative, details of whom will be on the Canvas module space.

See the other ways students can get involved in providing feedback.

The system used by the University

The University has used the EvaSys system since 2015. It is software which issues electronic surveys and collates results for us. Staff guidance on the system and process is available through the Staff Module Evaluation Resources SharePoint site.

How the survey process works - closing the feedback loop

It is important that our students provide feedback on their experience and our teaching staff reflect on the feedback, share their reflections with students and act as relevant, to enhance our modules and student experience.

In practice, the process is:

  1. All module surveys are issued to all students across all modules
  2. Students receive an e-mail alerting them to complete the survey and they can do so via Canvas; the University App or by following the provided URL.
  3. Students will receive a reminder giving details of all their surveys outstanding during the survey period.
  4. On surveys closing the module co-ordinator will receive the feedback to review and provide their reflection back to the students. The feedback module co-ordinators receive is anonymised unless a student identifies themselves through their comments.

Actions identified by the module coordinator will then be implemented.

What questions students will be asked

The survey issued at the beginning of the module asked a few questions on how things were going, with students having the opportunity to give comments at the end. 

The survey at the end of the module asks students a range of questions about their experience of the module. The questions cover, for example, their overall satisfaction and their experience of teaching on the module. Most questions require a tick box answer indicating agreement with statements made and there is space at the end for some open comments.

Read the constructive feedback guidance.


Response rate

We strongly encourage students to respond, as this is the key route for them to improve the student experience for themselves and others. Whether a student responds or not, it will not affect their marks in any way. We are aiming for a response rate of over 35%.

Withdrawal of responses

The system does not allow responses to be withdrawn once submitted, so students should take care with initial responses. If there are exceptional circumstances, contact us by email.

Anonymity of module survey responses

So long as the student does not include anything in the open questions that makes them identifiable, no one in the faculty will know who gave which answer. This includes staff who teach and mark on the module. Centrally, the system can track who has responded so that reminders are not duplicated, and high-level analysis can take place. The results of this analysis will be presented in a way that does not identify any individual.

However, the University reserves the right to identify a respondent under certain circumstances, i.e., where they suspect a breach of the law or University policy and regulation or a threat to the welfare of a student, staff, or another.

It's about the module, not the person

Students should reflect on their experience of the module and not focus on individuals. Responses from both students and staff should be respectful to their audience.

Think before you click!

From the evidence in the sector, it is understood that comments are subjective and can discriminate against staff or students from certain demographic groups through the effect of conscious or unconscious bias.

Unconscious bias refers to stereotypes and prejudices held at an unconscious level. We all have them and sometimes we do not realise what they are, but they can influence how we respond through survey feedback.

Being aware of our own biases is the first step to avoiding them from influencing our views and feedback. For example, students should reflect on how their rating would change if they disregarded the sex, age, race, disability of their teachers. 

The university response to the risk of conscious and unconscious bias in module surveys

Guidance, such as this webpage, the survey, and the communications to students, is designed to encourage students and staff to be respectful and constructive in their feedback. In extreme cases, we will also take sanctions against those who overstep the mark. Read about the University's approach to promoting equality and diversity. Our approach to respect at work and study is set out in our policies and guidance pages.

Can’t submit responses?

On rare occasions, students can have problems submitting their responses, which seem to be associated with the browser they are using. In this case, switching browsers and logging back in usually sorts the problem.

Use of survey results

As well as informing enhancement locally, senior colleagues in the faculty and central services have access to module survey responses and to staff reflections. The reports are used as management information, to inform enhancement and decision making.

Data protection and privacy

The module survey is an online survey using EvaSys and any information entered will be stored securely within the UK. By taking part in the survey, students are consenting to any information that they provide being stored in this way. More information on their rights can be found in our Student Privacy Notice. If students have any questions about the survey, please contact us by email.