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The one thing that students talk about the most at the University of Stirling is the sense of community. As one of the smaller sized universities in Scotland students from all different backgrounds come together on a beautiful campus and are able to settle in and make friends easily.

This can be particularly important if you're a student carer - anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without their support. We realise that the issues carers face can sometimes make the thought of coming to university daunting, but we're here to help make sure you're able to make the most of your time here. There's a range of support available which starts when you're thinking about applying and lasts throughout your time as a student.

Our Recruitment Team can help you through the application process. Our student ambassadors can talk to you about life as a student and a carer. There is student accommodation on and off campus, with support and advice close at hand to help you whenever you need it. You will have a Personal Tutor who can help support you when your caring responsibilities and studies clash. You can talk to our Money Advisers, get support from the disability team or simply go to the Students’ Union and introduce yourself to the non-traditional student adviser.

Please see our Statement of Intent and Student Carers Policy for more information.

Our support for student carers

We have set out the following areas of targeted commitment for all student carers at Stirling:


There's a financial bursary of £300 for student carers. View more information about our discretionary and assistance funds.


Students can apply for the Accommodation Enhancement Fund and access a range of support provided by the Accommodation Team for all students.

Mental health and wellbeing

Each student carer will be given a single point of contact to ensure an individualised package of support is implemented, including mental wellbeing support.

Outreach and transition

There's comprehensive pre-application and transition support including help to choose a course, find the right route into university and how to write a personal statement for your application. For more information email

How do I find out about university?

Get in touch – it's as easy as that!

Meet the team

Our Recruitment Team is happy to advise student carers, their families and their supporters. All contact is confidential and impartial and, with your permission, we'll help make the road into university easier. We'll put you in contact with the right people and make sure you get the support you need.

+44 (0) 1786 467045

Come and see what it's like

We can arrange individual visits for you and a friend, adviser or parent/guardian to let you see the campus, find out more about what we offer, and answer any questions you have. You might want to find out more about a particular subject, get advice about your qualifications or find out what specific support you could receive.

You'll meet with recruitment staff and also talk to one of our student ambassadors. If we can, we'll also get you to meet with an academic from your subject area so you can find out more about the degree you're interested in.

All you have to do is get in touch and we'll do the rest.

Open Day / Offer Holder Day

Open Days are a great way to find out more about everything to do with university life. A range of information desks are available where you can speak to University staff, academics, and current students. We've a dedicated information stand manned by our widening participation staff who can help you get the most out of the day. You can also talk to some of our student ambassadors to find out more about their experiences in managing their caring responsibilities and their studies..

If you've been made an offer then you'll be invited to an Offer Holder Day. These are really useful for you and your family and friends even if you live locally or have visited the University campus before. They give you time to ask staff and students about what it is like to study at Stirling and lets you find out all you need to know about the next steps in the application process.

If you're coming on your own to either of these events, or are unsure of what to do on the day, get in touch once you've registered online and we'll make sure you get the most out of your visit.

What support can I get?

There's a range of support available to make sure you enjoy your time at university, including accommodation support, finance, disability support, academic support and peer/ student mentors. The Students' Union also offer help and support to all students

Pre-application and transition support

Our advisers will provide information, advice and guidance to anyone interested in applying to university. This includes help to choose a course, to find the right route into university or even how to write a personal statement. This might be help throughout the application process, coming to university how to manage your first weeks on campus - or anything else you have questions about.

Open Days and Offer Holder Days

These days can get quite busy, and may seem quite daunting if you've not been to one before. Actually the atmosphere on campus is warm and friendly and everyone is there to help you get the most out of the day. If you want advice on how to get the best out of the day, or even someone to help guide you, all you have to do is register for the event and then get in touch with our advisers.

Student Support Services

Our friendly and welcoming team are your first point of contact for all kinds of support and they would be happy to talk to you at any time - even before you come to university.

We have a named point of contact for student carers within the Student Support Services Team who will be able to provide you with a range of support and help you to access other assistance from across the university. If you are a current University of Stirling student you can get in touch with the team by emailing

Student Support Services can offer a range of services, including:

Accommodation - some student carers choose to stay on campus for part of the week. Student carers can get advice from our accommodation team if they have any specific requirements. Just let them know and they will help you out in any way they can.

Finance - you should get in touch with our Money Advisers as soon as possible, even before you come to university. They'll help you to budget, manage your money and let you know about any additional sources of finance you could get.

Disability support - our disability advisers offer one-to-one information, support and guidance before you arrive and throughout your time at university to assess what you need and help you to access it.

Personal tutor - personal tutors help students feel part of the university community. They're your first point of contact for everything from academic guidance to personal advice throughout your studies. They'll also help you manage your caring responsibilities alongside your studies.

STEER - our peer mentoring programme in run by The Students' Union and offers one-to-one support from a current student for your first year of study.

Students’ Union - the Union provides support and guidance on issues ranging from academic to housing to finance; provided by trained staff who are on hand to talk through any issues you may face whilst at university.

Where do I get help?

If you'd like to discuss your options, or talk through what it might be like to come to university, contact our Widening Participation Team who can provide advice online or, if you would prefer, arrange a face-to-face interview. 

We are also happy to work with key workers, foster parents, guardians and other support workers to provide any information, advice and guidance we can to help you.

Stirling Carers Centre

The University of Stirling works closely with Stirling Carers Centre to ensure that all of the needs of our student carers are being met.

Stirling Carers Centre provides information, advice and support to Unpaid Carers throughout the Stirling Council area.

If your life has become restricted by taking responsibility for the care of another who, due to illness, disability or age, cannot manage on their own, then you are a Carer. Stirling Carers Centre aims to give you all the help you need to enable you to make informed decisions about your situation, and to support you in your caring role.

Financial support

The Student Awards Agency in Scotland (SAAS) are looking at ways to better support students with caring responsibilities. They have some additional grants, including a Dependants Grant and Lone Parents Grant, which you can claim on top of any student loan. You can find more information on the SAAS website.

Students from outside of Scotland should talk to their finance provider in the first instance. Alternatively you could contact our own money advisers who would be happy to help - email

Statement of Intent and Student Carers Policy

The University of Stirling is committed to enabling students from all backgrounds to achieve their full potential. We believe that everyone has the potential to succeed and actively encourage applications from non-traditional groups. We are dedicated to supporting Student Carers throughout their student journey. The University considers Student Carers as anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem, or an addiction cannot cope without their support.

We value our diverse student body and Student Carers are a group who may require additional support. The University has a Student Carer Working Group with representation across the University including students and carers. We work in partnership with the Carers Trust and Stirling Carers Centre.

See our Student Carers Policy which outlines the commitment the University makes to its Student Carers and outlines the expectations of the University of those Student Carers.

Get in touch

You probably have loads of questions about coming to university. Just get in touch – we’re here to help.

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