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How to apply

To apply for a full-time undergraduate degree, the majority of students should apply through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).

Please check the available application routes based on where you live.

UCAS application process

Students from the UK, EU and overseas countries can all apply via UCAS. If you’re applying for a transfer, deferring your entry for a year, or applying for advanced entry you’ll also apply via UCAS.

If you’re applying to more than one university, we don’t see who the other universities are, until the other universities have made their decisions. We make our decision on your application without knowledge of your other choices.

Your options

1. If you haven't yet applied to any university then you can start your application to the University of Stirling on UCAS using the process detailed below.

2. If you've already applied via UCAS but have submitted less than five choices, and you haven't yet accepted a place then you can go into your application and add more choices to bring you up to five.

3. If you've already applied, used all five of your choices and aren’t holding any offers (or have declined the offers you did receive), you can still apply to us via UCAS Extra. It's totally free, and lets you apply for an additional course before Clearing begins. 

Step by step application process

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What happens next?

Our Admissions team will deal with your application to the University of Stirling. Find out more about how we make decisions on your application and how to deal with any offers you're made.

After you apply
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