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Admissions policy

Guiding principle

The University of Stirling is committed to admitting students on the basis of their merit and their potential to succeed. All applications, full-time, part-time, and for all subjects, are considered individually to ensure a fair admission process. The University makes all offers in an equitable manner, though the grades required may vary according to the applicant and subject.

Admissions and selection

All decisions are made according to criteria set by academic members of staff. The University considers each applicant’s predicted and actual academic achievements and takes note of the subjects studied and the number of attempts that have been taken to achieve grades; it will also check for competence in any specific subject(s) required for particular courses.

The personal statement and the referee’s statement are taken into account when decisions are made. The University looks for evidence of motivation to study, and for interest in, and knowledge of, the subject(s) applied for. It also looks for evidence of the applicant’s ability to cope with the challenges of a University education, of transferable skills and of his/her potential contribution to University life as a whole.

Equal opportunities

The University believes in a diverse student population in order to provide a vibrant and enhancing educational experience for all. It therefore welcomes applications from students with non-standard qualifications, with prior experiential learning, and from access routes into higher education.

All applications are assessed in accordance with the University’s equality and diversity commitments and obligations as set out in its Single Equality Scheme and in line with the latest professional guidance. Its robust and equitable admissions procedure takes account of all relevant academic and personal circumstances as outlined in applications submitted to UCAS or to the University direct.

The University of Stirling is committed in pursuing best practice and high standards of service to all students.

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If you would like to receive this information in an alternative format, please contact the Student Recruitment & Admissions Service for more information. 

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