Children's tennis lessons

It’s time for kids across the country to play their way with the University of Stirling Sport tennis programme!

Our LTA Youth programme helps children learn the basics of the game with classes packed full of fun games and dynamic activities.

Sessions based on age and ability give young children a positive and exciting introduction into the game, leading onto a series of squads for all levels of ability and interest.

If you are looking to book in to either our Green or Yellow classes, and your child has limited playing experience, please contact our team directly so we can help direct your query.

Tennis programme information

Tennis levels

LTA Youth Red This is an introduction to tennis. Here, we’ll help kids improve their balance, agility and co-ordination while teaching them about the sport we love. At this stage it’s not about winning or losing, it’s just getting to grips with the basics.
LTA Youth Orange You’ll see overarm serves, rallies and volleys. Coaches will help children to further develop their co-ordination, balance and speed. We’ll introduce relaxed competition here too. Time to throw in some tactics, problem-solving, and guides to sportsmanship and leadership.
LTA Youth Green This is the big one. It’s time for kids to play on full size courts. Now it’s all about growing their game by fine tuning and refining the techniques they’ve learned so far.
LTA Youth Yellow Take your skills further! Time to find your game. Playing on a full size court with the same size balls the pros use, kids will continue to explore different styles on the court, and start to choose their own.

Class schedule

LTA Youth Red 45mins (for school children up to 7 years old)

Monday 4pm
Tuesday 4pm
Saturday* 9am

*lessons commence on Saturday 24 September

LTA Youth Orange 45mins (For children aged between 8 and 9)

Monday 5pm
Tuesday 4pm
Saturday* 9am 

*lessons commence on Saturday 24 September

LTA Youth Green 60mins (For children aged between 9 and 10)

Monday 5pm
Tuesday 5pm

LTA Youth Yellow 60mins (For children aged 11+)

Friday 4.30pm




Lesson type

Payment option


45 minute class
  • Red
  • Orange
10 lesson block £67
Direct Debit £24.20
60 minute class
  • Green
  • Yellow
10 lesson block £77.50
Direct Debit £28.40

How to book

Spaces will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

To check for availability in your specific class, please contact our sports centre reception on 01786 466900 or via

To confirm your space, payment is taken at the time of booking.


University of Stirling Sport acknowledges the duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and adults at risk. We are committed to ensuring safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, government guidance, and complies with best practice and LTA requirements. A copy of our full safeguarding policy is available by emailing us at

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