Building confidence for students and graduates

Having self-belief and confidence in your own abilities is valuable when you’re competing for jobs. Employers are looking to see whether you can be an asset to their company. If you show confidence in what you’ve achieved so far and what you can bring to the company, you’re more likely to succeed in securing your dream job.

We can help you grow in confidence through our unique ‘Lift Off’ Programme and other resources, providing you with the ability to build your employable skills for life. 

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What is confidence?

Confidence is not arrogance - it’s about knowing what you want, where you want to go and what’s important to you. It’s not about what’s important to someone else. It’s about being in control, calm and focused. It shows in a positive mind-set, self-awareness and an eagerness to develop your skills. It’s about having a sense of purpose to achieve success, a flexible approach to see the bigger picture and the ability to make important decisions. Confidence lets you manage stressful situations, have energy at work and a willingness to take risks. Confidence can help you to be the difference.

How to become confident?

Confidence is a skill you can develop, but you need to work at it, just like any other skill. Our confidence programme ‘Lift Off’ can help you achieve greater confidence, as well as the useful resources we’ve compiled below.

Lift Off programme

Our ‘Lift Off’ Programme is available to current students and provides you with a ‘confidence toolkit’ to enable you to build lifelong employability skills. Delivered through six practical and interactive workshops, it’s open to all our undergraduates and postgraduates. Students involved have reported improved success at delivering presentations, interviews, assessment centres and confidence at work. Go to TARGETconnect for more information about upcoming events.

TED Talk on self confidence

Watch this excellent TED talk by Amy Cuddy on showing self-confidence using your body language:

Centre for confidence

The Centre for Confidence and Wellbeing has an excellent set of resources to help you assess how confident you are, and how you can build on your confidence.  

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