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Graduate attributes

Graduate attributes are the high-level qualities and skills which students develop by engaging in learning activities while at the University of Stirling.

This expanded level of understanding is what sets them apart from those without a degree and represents the added value graduates offer.

Be the Difference

Graduate attributes info graphic

Through their degree and opportunities at the University of Stirling, graduates of the University will be subject specialists, with in‐depth knowledge, understanding and skills associated with their discipline(s). Our ambition is that they will also be confident, aspirational graduates with the right skills and attitudes to connectinnovate and transform, as they will have opportunities to become:


  • with their discipline(s) knowledge, understanding and skills with a range of complex real-world issues
  • with contributions from alumni, private, public and third sector to develop their employability skills
  • with knowledge, experiences and people providing different perspectives, to understand different cultures, beliefs and traditions
  • and work with one another as an inclusive learning community and with the wider community
  • and communicate effectively through digital and other media


  • through active and ethical research
  • through using the latest global research and new technologies to develop new understandings and creative solutions
  • through independent critical and reflective thinking
  • through identifying opportunities to improve what they do and taking action


  • through their intellectual, sporting and cultural passion and excellence
  • through sharing new perspectives and broadening their horizons
  • through being professional, adaptable and resilient and equipped to succeed in the global marketplace
  • through being active global citizens who are socially, culturally and environmentally aware
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