Our Research 

Our groundbreaking, interdisciplinary research makes a difference to society and has a positive impact on communities worldwide.

Three major themes are illustrative of our excellent, world-leading research: Health and Behaviour; Global Security and Resilience; and Cultures, Communities and Society.

Health and Behaviour

Our Health and Behaviour experts are drawn from across many different subject areas, including sports science, psychology, marketing, economics and health to look at improving global wellbeing – allowing people to maintain, attain or regain good health.

Major research projects include exploring the impact of alcohol licensing and tobacco plain packaging, establishing how to help people live well with dementia and ensuring the best nursing and cancer care is delivered to patients.

Global Security and Resilience

Our expertise in Global Security and Resilience spans a wide range of academic subjects and perspectives, but has the common goal of tackling the challenge of providing the world’s growing population with a sustainable and secure way of living.

We explore how the world’s forests, and its flora and fauna, are evolving in response to climate change, and investigate how humans interact with the world – whether that is face-to-face in the field of international diplomacy, or digitally, within the context of cyber security. Our experts in aquaculture are helping to develop solutions to maintain sustainable and safe sources of fish – creating new, innovative ways of feeding global communities.

Cultures, Communities and Society

Nothing exists in isolation from the rest of the world, and studying and researching subjects in their wider context is at the heart of our thematic area of Cultures, Communities and Society. Bringing together experts from social work, history and computing science, or biological and environmental sciences and media and communications, enables wider interdisciplinary investigations into how we communicate with and understand others.

By exploring the past and recognising how we can learn from it, promoting innovations in teaching, and understanding distinctive cultures and political authority, we strive to bring communities together in mutually-beneficial ways. Whether we are looking into organised crime, or searching to discover the birthplace of James I of Scotland, our research spans continents and time periods.

Research Programmes

The University has established 12 interdisciplinary research programmes alongside our overarching research themes which look to address global challenges. Our themes and programmes are the engine house of Stirling’s major strategic research activity.

  • Ageing and Dementia
  • Home, Housing and Community
  • Health and Behaviour
  • Being Together
  • Extreme Events in Science and Society
  • Environmental Change
  • Global Food Security
  • Human Security, Conflict and Cooperation
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Digital Society and Culture
  • Contextual Learning in Humans and Machines
  • Mobile Cognition


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