Living Well

Our Living Well experts are drawn from across many subject areas, including sports science, psychology, marketing, economics and health to look at improving global well-being – allowing people to maintain, attain or regain good health.

Major research projects include exploring the impact of alcohol licensing and tobacco plain packaging, establishing how to help people live well with dementia and ensuring the best nursing and cancer care is delivered to patients.

Research Spotlights

children running in playground
Research Spotlight

The Daily Mile

Our research showed that a simple local solution could improve the fitness of school pupils. Now 10,000+ schools have adopted The Daily Mile approach.

two people on bench at seaside
Research Spotlight

Dementia and ageing research

We find innovative solutions to the challenges of ageing and dementia that are enabling older people to live independent lives, for longer.

plain packaging cigarettes
Research Spotlight

Tackling tobacco

Find out how our work to make tobacco products less attractive is helping to tackle one of society’s biggest health problems.

illustration of woman's face

Tackling depression, suicide and other psychiatric emergencies

Our research seeks to explore new ways in which free mental health awareness and intervention can create positive outcomes and new care pathways for patients struggling with depression or at risk of suicide.

Related research programmes

Ageing and Dementia

The world's population is living longer, presenting challenges to health, long-term care and economies. By investigating the health and social wellbeing of communities, our research results in positive change.

Health and Behaviour

Human behaviour is having an impact on health. We explore behaviours that can improve lives, and influence policy to drive change.

Mobile Cognition

By investigating how human brains work in the real world, we offer a new perspective on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions.

Contextual Learning in Humans and Machines

Intelligent machines are making increasingly sophisticated decisions, but, without context, they bring risk. We seek to enhance machine-based decision-making to positively impact society.

More research themes

Cultures, Communities and Society

Striving to bring communities together in mutually-beneficial ways.

Global Security and Resilience

Providing the world's population with a sustainable way of living.