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Nothing exists in isolation from the rest of the world, and studying and researching subjects in their wider context is at the heart of our thematic area of Cultures, Communities and Society. 

By exploring the past and recognising how we can learn from it, promoting innovations in teaching and understanding distinctive cultures and political authority, we strive to bring communities together in mutually-beneficial ways.

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Home, Housing and Community

Millions across the world remain homeless. Focusing on social justice, we influence the agenda for policy and practice, promoting a safe and secure home for everyone.

Cultural Heritage

Society's identity, wellbeing and progress are constantly challenged. We empower communities by enhancing their understanding of their cultural past to positively influence their future.

Digital Society and Culture

Digital technologies are changing the way we live. Our critical thinking questions the impact of these changes and explores potential solutions to address the challenges this creates.

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healthy ageing in scotland

Researcher Spotlight

See how we're improving the lives of Scotland’s older population by providing policymakers with a comprehensive insight into the economic, health and social circumstances of people over 50. 

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Viktoria Mileva

PhD Profile – Viktoria Mileva

Our academics are passionate about studying how we communicate with and understand others. Find out more about our research into human interactions and the impact of perceived social status on behaviour.

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Global Security and Resilience

Providing the world's population with a sustainable way of living.

Global Security and Resilience

Living Well

Helping people to maintain, attain or regain good health.

Living Well