Can cultural heritage be an immigrant integration driver? Reflections from Norway.

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Archived event. This event has passed.

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Can cultural heritage be an immigrant integration driver? is presented by Dr Laia Colomer and chaired by Dr Liz Robson.


My presentation will explore the role of cultural heritage in the integration of immigrants, using Norway as a case study. It aims to understand the nature and limitations of enhancing immigrant integration through cultural heritage. Particularly, how the Norwegian government disposes the management of the cultural environment to strive to integrate immigrants, how the sector recognizes this assigned role, and how this commitment thrives. The final goal is to reflect on the challenges and limitations that the cultural heritage sector is facing in using heritage for integrating immigrants when the managerial framework is still the identity paradigm.


Speaker: Dr Laia Colomer

With a background in public archaeology and the management of archaeological sites, my research focuses on the way heritage is involved in the process of remembering, meaning-making, and construction of identity, involving key concepts such as globalisation, migration/mobilities and social cohesion.

Currently, I am developing research focused on participation and heritage governance involving issues of migration and multiculturality, and specifically exploring monuments as a source of social cohesion, democracy and well-being. My other current line of research focuses on the memorialization of contemporary cultural trauma (e.g., terrorist attacks, forced migration, pandemics) from an ethics of care perspective.

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