Our values and vision

At the kindergarten we offer:

  • A warm and nurturing approach, based on mutual respect
  • Sense of belonging and being with nature/outdoor learning and wellbeing
  • Home from home
  • High quality teaching environment
  • Develop children's confidence
  • Support research for the University
  • Celebrate family cultures and diversity
Exploratory play at the Psychology Kindergarten

How we play

Outdoor learning, exploratory play and emotional wellbeing are at the heart of our learning experiences.

Child playing outdoors on campus

Emotional wellbeing

Our children engage in mindfulness sessions to explore their emotions, to understand other people’s feelings and develop a resilient attitude. They learn how breathing exercises can help them to focus and think.

Outdoor exploratory play

Exploratory play

We strongly believe in exploratory play, allowing children to engage in play with natural elements. We encourage our children to explore all their senses to discover and test the objects’ properties, what happens when they are manipulated, what they represent, and how they can be used creatively.

This allows children to engage in less structured, open-ended activities in which they learn to think critically and discover new ideas through trial and error.