Child and staff member playing in Psychology Kindergarten garden

Reviews of the Psychology Kindergarten

Hear from parents and guardians of children attending our childcare facility in Stirling.

The kindergarten instantly struck us as a vibrant and diverse community. It was clear from our first visit that the children have a great connection with the nature on campus, supported by a wonderful team of staff, with opportunities to explore and develop in a safe environment. The connection with the research outputs of the department was also really exciting, reflecting not only how well-informed the kindergarten practice would be but also how, as parents, we could learn too.

Alban and Lesley

The university kindergarten is a unique and special place in a beautiful setting. The children really enjoy exploring the woods and lochs and playing in the courtyard. The staff go above and beyond to provide individual care for each child and they have also been a great support to us as parents. We feel very involved with everything the children do at kindergarten and love seeing all of their artwork and projects. The staff were so patient and supportive when my son took time to settle in. They are trustworthy, caring, lovely people and I couldn't imagine a better place for my children to thrive and develop in. Thank you!


Children playing in the outdoor classroom

My son has enjoyed every day in kindergarten and has developed so much since he joined the kindergarten. Even we, as parents, learnt a lot from the brilliant teachers about how to help our children by encouraging and guiding them in even small pieces of daily activities.


I chose the kindergarten as when I visited it as a toddler group I met the lovely staff and saw first hand how much they care for the kids. The small, personable setting I believe is a great way to transition young children from being at home into the classroom. I trust the staff and know that they are capable of looking after each child's individual needs.


The kindergarten has amazing access to outdoor resources and nature. The staff are kind and accommodating to the needs of children and parents.