Our vision, mission and values

Our vision

To be a place of opportunity …….

  • being a leader in developing responsible, sustainable and growth-based business practices by research, education and being locally connected with an international outlook;
  • where learners at any stage come to develop based on ability – not background;
  • where academia, local & regional businesses and society members connect to make business a positive force in the world

Our mission

We advocate responsible & sustainable business (including organisations) by producing outstanding scholarship, research and education and we work to maximise the impact of our expertise. We are committed to instilling a strong ethical compass and a lifelong habit of learning & growth in our students and stakeholders.

Our values

Excellence – leading the way in how we prepare our staff, students and stakeholders to make a difference

Openness – friendly and engaging where enquiry, collaboration and exchange are welcome and encouraged

Ambition – shaping our societies and improving business performance by making a lasting impact and transforming the world in which we live

Responsible – embedding the ethos and principles of sustainable and ethical business practice in everything that we do