Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (mKTPs) are like Knowledge Transfer Partnerships in that they aim to transform business through a dynamic partnership between a company, academic experts and associates. A key difference is that they are now available to the public sector (not central Government).

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Management KTPs work exactly the same way as any other KTP, but are specifically targeted at increasing effectiveness and improving results through better management practices and strategic change.

Holistic in nature, a Management Knowledge Transfer Partnership will impact all staff and business functions. The ambition should be to increase turnover, resulting profits and growth.

A Management KTP partnership involves a business partner, academic partner and associate.

Business partner: the business the project is supporting

Academic partner: the University supporting the project

Associate: key person working on the project managed by an academic with relevant expertise

Focus areas for a mKTP

  • Transformative, strategic, change management
  • Business model transformation
  • Improved resilience or agility to create a new normal such as virtual working, post-COVID recovery, employee health and wellbeing.
  • Organisational and behavioral psychology, cultural change, upskilling and staff retention
  • Competitor analysis, benchmarking exercise, setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

How a mKTP can benefit your business

Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships can also provide the following benefits:

  • They provide the opportunity to adopt the latest thinking and technological developments to give you a competitive edge.
  • Access to world class expertise embeds new thinking, knowledge and approaches, all of which encourages a culture of innovation.
  • The rigorous project management and strategic focus helps to de-risk change.
  • Expert support is provided by the Knowledge Transfer Advisor and Academic Partner throughout to support both the Business Partner and Associate.
  • New jobs may be created, including the potential to employ the Associate.
  • The wider business staff team benefit from training to help implement the project and embed learning.
  • Developing a strong relationship with the University of Stirling provides a lifetime of opportunities to grow your competitive advantage, and gain support for your wider business including Continuous Professional Development, short courses, student placements and more.

Up to 75% of project funding is available

A large proportion of the cost of a mKTP is funded by a grant from Innovate UK or other government co-funders, and can be applied for by submitting a proposal jointly developed by the Business Partner and Academic Partner. There is a requirement for a cash payment by the Business Partner for the outstanding project costs.

Grant rates for project costs

  • third sector and not for profit organisations: 75%
  • small and medium-sized enterprises: 67%
  • large companies including public sector: 50%.

Examples of how your business can maximise a mKTP

  • Business analytics for companies involved in production/assembly/ producing deliverables, for improving productivity and/or model future demand, potential growth and resource requirement using management theories and agent-based simulation.
  • Supply chain upgrades and digital strategies, global value chain governance and resilience.
  • Projects relating to auditing and developing skills innovation and creative skills in companies to scale the business.
  • Finding new approaches to people management in innovative sectors facing novel challenges.
  • Understanding technology adoption using customer experience and journey mapping techniques.
  • Insights into consumer behaviour, media and social networks.
  • Data analytics across all sectors.
  • Consumer research, social marketing (changing behaviour for social good) and marketing.

Why not partner with the University of Stirling?

Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships have a long, proven track record of introducing innovation. Embracing the project management discipline helps embed knowledge and capabilities throughout organisations.

There are numerous funding rounds throughout the year with funding levels due to double. The success rate for applications is high, due to the dedicated support of the KTP Centre and KTP Adviser.

A mKTP is a cost effective way for businesses or organisations to collaborate with the University of Stirling to overcome challenges, achieve strategic goals and become more effective, productive, profitable and competitive.

As well as expanding your knowledge base, working with our world-class researchers can open the door to a global network of related academics and professionals.