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Dr Andrew Hass

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I joined the School in September 2003 (then the Department of Religious Studies), having studied in Canada (BA - English, MTh - Theology) and Glasgow (PhD at the Centre For the Study of Literature, Theology and the Arts), and having worked at the University of Houston in the States, where I was the Carolyn Grant Fay Visiting Associate Professor in Religion and Literature. Since relocating back to Scotland, my teaching and research have continued to advance an interdisciplinary line of enquiry. My courses focus on ways in which religion conceptually and culturally manifests itself in other disciplines and modes of expression, whether through philosophy, hermeneutics, critical theory, literature, or other forms of art. As Deputy Director of Postgraduate Studies for the School of Arts and Humanities, I have a particular passion for postgraduates and their programmes. I also work closely within a consortium of eight other Scottish universities to promote, through a Doctoral Training Partnership scheme (AHRC), postgraduate funding and postgraduate experience across of all Scotland. Hannah Arendt once wrote: "What guides [my] thinking [poetically] is the conviction that although the living is subject to the ruin of time, the process of decay is at the same time a process of crystallization, that in the depth of the sea, into which sinks and is dissolved what once was alive, some things ‘suffer a sea-change' and survive in new crystallized forms and shapes that remain immune to the elements, as though they waited only for the pearl diver who one day will come down to them and bring them up into the world of the living - as ‘thought fragments', as something ‘rich and strange'...". I see higher education and pearl diving as similar vocations.