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Hass AW (2014) Becoming. In: Peterson D & Zbaraschuk G (eds.) Resurrecting the Death of God: The Origins, Influence, and Return of Radical Theology. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, pp. 155-172.

Explores the concept of "becoming" in modern thought as an alternative to the immanence-transcendence polarity so persistence in discussions of Western philosophy and theology. The modern conceptions of becoming are briefly worked out from three principal nodes: 1) Hegel, 2) Nietzsche/Heidegger, and 3) Whitehead. They are then applied to a more creative notion of ongoing becoming, a "beginning again", that, in its circular movement, suggests a possible "return to" or "returning of" God through a certain will to art.  

becoming; immanence; transcendence; Hegel; Nietzsche; Heidegger; Whitehead; will to art

Publication date31/05/2014
PublisherState University of New York Press
Publisher URL…eath-of-god.aspx
Place of publicationAlbany, NY