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Self/Same/Other: Re-visioning the Subject in Literature and Theology



Walton H & Hass AW (eds.) (2000) Self/Same/Other: Re-visioning the Subject in Literature and Theology. Playing the Texts, 5. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press. https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/selfsameother-9781841270197/

This collection of essays explores the way our notions of self, other, subjectivity, gender and the sacred text are being re-visioned within contemporary theory. These new ways of conceiving create upheavals and radical shifts that rework our understanding of philosophical, psychological, political, sexual and spiritual identity, allowing us to trace the fault lines, regulatory forces, exclusions and unmarked spaces both within our selves, and within the discourses that attend these selves. As such, revisionings break down borders, and the encounter of literature and theology becomes a crucial focus for these explorations, as the self learns to resituate its own being creatively vis-a-vis others and, ultimately, the Other.

Literature; Theology; Subjectivity

EditorDr Andrew Hass
Title of seriesPlaying the Texts
Number in series5
Publication date31/12/2000
Publication date online31/03/2000
PublisherSheffield Academic Press
Publisher URLhttps://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/selfsameother-9781841270197/
Place of publicationSheffield

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Dr Andrew Hass

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