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Poetics of Critique: The Interdisciplinarity of Textuality



Hass AW (2003) Poetics of Critique: The Interdisciplinarity of Textuality. Routledge Revivals. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate.

Poetics of Critique breaks new ground in the its pursuit of a formal and critical language of interdisciplinarity. The 'founding' disciplines within the Humanities - theology, philosophy and literature - are brought together here in a shared space, but one that reconstitutes the very nature of each and any discipline. In this space, critique and imagination consciously merge, giving way to a new kind of thinking, a new kind of consciousness, a new kind of textuality. Readings alternate between discursive analysis and imaginative revisionings; texts alternate between those of the critical thinker (Kant, Nietzsche, Gadamer) and those of the novelist, the poet, and the playwright (Bulgakov, Goethe, Kundera, Sophocles). In this movement between traditions, a fusion, at once organic and dynamic, takes place: theologian, philosopher and artist become one, and a pure interdisciplinarity begins to emerge into view.

interdisciplinarity; theology; philosophy; literature; critical theory;

Title of seriesRoutledge Revivals
Publication date31/12/2003
Publisher URL…ok/9781138709959
Place of publicationAldershot, UK

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Dr Andrew Hass

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