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Professor Crispin Wright

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About me

I am a professional philosopher, specialising in epistemology and the philosophies of language and mathematics. I am currently Global Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at New York University as well as Professor of Philosophical Research at the University of Stirling. Previously I have taught at Oxford, Columbia, Michigan, Princeton, St. Andrews, where I was the first Wardlaw University Professor and founded the research center, Arché, and Aberdeen where I held the Regius Chair of Logic and directed the Northern Institute of Philosophy.

My books include Wittgenstein on the Foundations of Mathematics (Harvard 1980); Frege’s Conception of Numbers as Objects (Humanities Press 1983); Truth and Objectivity (Harvard 1992); Realism Meaning and Truth (Blackwell 1986, 2nd editon 1992); The Reason’s Proper Study (with Bob Hale, Oxford 2001), Rails to Infinity (Harvard 2001), and Saving the Differences (Harvard 2003).


Leverhulme Trust Personal Research Professorship

A five-year full-time research grant

British Academy Research Readership
University of St Andrews

Two-year full time research grant.

Prize Fellowship, All Souls College Oxford

Honorary D. Litt. Aberdeen

Professional membership

Elected Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Elected Fellow of the British Academy

Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Elected Member of the Academia Europaea


Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics, Frege, General Epistemology, the Later Wittgenstein, Self-knowledge

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Book Chapter

Melis G & Wright C (2023) Williamsonian Skepcticism About The A Priori. In: Dodd D & Zardini E (eds.) Beyond Sense? New Essays on the Significance, Grounds, and Extent of the A Priori. Oxford: Oxford Univeristy Press.

Authored Book

Wright C (2021) The Riddle of Vagueness: Selected Essays 1975-2020. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Book Chapter

Wright C (2020) Replies [Logic, Language ad Mathematics]. In: Logic, Language and Mathematics: Themes from the Philosophy of Crispin Wright. Ist. ed. n/a, n/a. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 277-432.

Policy Document

Chalkley A, Clark J, Gahagan A, Aitkin L, Booth J, Brannan M, Crane C, Daly-Smith A, Griffin I, Holmes I, Moran C, Nasir N, Poole R, Ryde G, Sherar L, Sollars L, Williams L & Wright C (2020) Active mile briefing: evidence and policy summary. Chalkley A (), Clark J () & Gahagan A () Public Health England.

Book Chapter

Wright C (2019) "How did the serpent of inconsistency enter Frege's paradise?". In: Ebert PA & Rossberg M (eds.) Essays on Frege's Basic Laws of Arithmetic. Oxford UK: Oxford University Press, pp. 411-436.

Book Chapter

Wright C (2019) Intuitionism and the Sorites. In: Zardini E & Oms S (eds.) The Sorites Paradox. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Book Chapter

Wright C (2019) Oxonian Scepticism about the A Priori. In: Beyond Sense? New Essays on the Significance, Grounds, and Extent of the A Priori. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Book Chapter

Wright C (2018) Counter-Conceivability Again. In: Fred-Rivera I & Leech J (eds.) Being Necessary: Themes of Ontology and Modality from the Work of Bob Hale. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 266 - 282.


Ferrari F & Wright C (2017) Talking with Vultures. Mind, 126 (503), pp. 911-936.;

Book Chapter

Wright C (2016) On the Characterization of Borderline Cases. In: Ostertag G (ed.) Meanings and Other Things: Themes from the Work of Stephen Schiffer. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 190-210.〈=en&cc=gb#

Book Chapter

Wright C (2015) Self-knowledge: the Reality of Privileged Access. In: Goldberg S (ed.) Externalism, Self-Knowledge and Scepticism: New Essays. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 49-74.

Book Chapter

Wright C (2014) On Epistemic Entitlement (II): Welfare State Epistemology. In: Dodd D & Zardini E (eds.) Scepticism and Perceptual Justification. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 213-247.〈=en&

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