Factors affecting variation in mortality of marine Atlantic salmon Salmo salar in Scotland



Soares S, Murray AG, Crumlish M, Turnbull J & Green D (2013) Factors affecting variation in mortality of marine Atlantic salmon Salmo salar in Scotland. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms, 103 (2), pp. 101-109.

Databases of site production have an important role to play in the investigation and understanding of diseases, since they store valuable amounts of disease and management data. Diseases pose an important constraint to economic expansion of aquaculture. They are dependent on the complex interacting factors of pathogen, environment, and host, and the causes of death can be related to nutritional, environmental, and genetic factors of the host or infectious agents. We examined the drivers of mortality from a single site-production database, which represented one-third of Scottish farmed salmon Salmo salar L. production in 2005, to determine whether mortality ‘benchmarking' data could be generalised across sites and production cycles. We show that farm mortality records play an important role in studying mortality losses and identifying of management problems in production. We found that mortalities varied across the months of the year and with the time of year of initial stocking. Production cycles that started in the third quarter of the year had the highest mortality overall. Furthermore, we found site-to-site variation in mortality that may have been caused by either random occurrence of epidemics and environmental events or other local effects.

Mortality; Disease; Database; Aquaculture

Diseases of Aquatic Organisms: Volume 103, Issue 2

Publication date31/03/2013

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Professor Margaret Crumlish
Professor Margaret Crumlish

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Dr Darren Green
Dr Darren Green

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Professor Jimmy Turnbull

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