Student films get debut on BBC iPlayer

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Two short films created by University of Stirling students as part of a unique partnership with BBC Scotland are being showcased by the broadcaster online.

Developed in collaboration with BBC Scotland’s flagship journalism strand ‘Disclosure’, the documentaries ‘Do I Have ADHD?’ and ‘Is My Flat Safe?’ were presented, filmed and edited by graduating Film and Media and Journalism students. They have now been released on BBC iPlayer.

 The films were created following a series of masterclasses led by senior BBC journalists, and students were invited to pitch ideas for a documentary. Two were then commissioned, with teams of five students receiving mentoring and support from BBC staff including Disclosure editor, Shelley Jofre and Journalist Mark Daly – both of whom are Stirling graduates.

Kirsty Craib, Alice Williams, Danielle Hilton, Andrew Lockhart and Caitlin Campbell made ‘Do I Have ADHD?in which reporter Kirsty explores the issues around diagnosis of the condition in girls and young women, while also pursuing her own journey to discover if she has the condition. Kim Drummond, Stan Stawowiak, Caroline Ring, Shoshannah Hull and Cameron Hutchinson made ‘Is My Flat Safe?’, investigating the living conditions experienced by some Edinburgh social housing residents struggling with damp and mould.

Kirsty Craib portrait photograph
Kirsty Craib
Reporter on ‘Do I have ADHD?’
Disclosure was massively helpful in building my confidence with filmmaking. The mentors were encouraging and I learned a lot from them that will stick with me for future projects. It was a fun experience all the way through, finishing with a final piece we are all really proud of, and addressing an issue I have been dealing with for many years.

Caroline Ring, producer on ‘Is My Flat Safe?’, said: “It was insightful working within a professional setting and being mentored by the BBC. Their expertise and knowledge was invaluable and is definitely something I'll take with me further into my career.”

Sam Poling, five times BAFTA winning broadcast journalist and Series Producer for the Stirling Disclosure films, said: “Working with the students has been both a privilege and a pleasure. They delivered two exceptional short films, and remained professional and committed throughout, despite facing numerous challenges along the way.

“The reporters did a fantastic job – it isn’t easy putting yourself up front and centre – and the two cameramen showed real skill with some beautiful camera work. The editing was brilliant, and gave a fantastic energy and emotion to the films.

“Hopefully this has given the students some real-world industry experience which will stand them in good stead as they start their careers. They should be proud of what they have all achieved and I wish them well in the future.”

Portrait photo of Kim Drummond
Kim Drummond
Reporter on ‘Is My Flat Safe?'
Working alongside professionals from the BBC is an opportunity you don’t usually get - it's been a brilliant end to my degree at Stirling University. The whole process was super exciting and it’s helped me envision a career path for the future.

Professor Dario Sinforiani, Head of Production Teaching at the University of Stirling and Executive Producer for the Disclosure films, said: “I am delighted and proud to have been involved in this unique project, a genuine and unprecedented partnership between the University and BBC Scotland. The student teams have produced very strong films telling important stories and investigating crucial issues. The BBC mentors provided excellent professional support and guidance, and we are delighted both with the films and the fact that BBC Scotland is showcasing them on iPlayer under their flagship Disclosure strand. I hope this is the start of an ongoing relationship with the Disclosure team and BBC Scotland.”

The films can both be watched on BBC iPlayer.