Journalism and Publishing

Journalism is all about keeping the world informed through information sharing. The digital age has transformed the way news is reported and consumed, with more media platforms available than ever before. Publishing was traditionally concerned with the distribution of printed media such as books, newspapers and magazines. However with the rise of digital media it now includes electronic publishing such as eBooks, blogs and websites.

With over 30 years of experience in researching and teaching Journalism and Publishing, we have established a reputation as one of the UK’s top institutions in the field. We're ranked 3rd in Scotland and Top 10 in the UK for Journalism, Publishing and Public Relations (The Guardian University Guide 2022).

The University of Stirling’s Journalism and Publishing courses cover both theoretical and practical aspects, and offer an in-depth, critical understanding of the practices. We encourage our students to undertake work experience, which many have done in national and regional media organisations including the BBC, Channel 4, Harper Collins, the Herald, Publishing Scotland, the Daily Record and the Sunday Mail.

Journalism and Publishing courses

Courses labelled are available for online study only.

Undergraduate courses
CourseStart date
BA (Hons) Journalism StudiesSeptember 2024, January 2025
Postgraduate courses
CourseStart date
MLitt Publishing StudiesSeptember 2024
MLitt, MSc Gender Studies (Applied)September 2024
MRes Publishing StudiesSeptember 2024
MSc International JournalismSeptember 2024


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Why study Media and Communications at the University of Stirling?

Graduate careers in Journalism and Publishing

Our Journalism and Publishing courses open the door to a range of careers where creativity, writing, communication and research skills are invaluable. Many of our graduates have established successful careers in the media and publishing in areas such as:

  • broadcast and print journalism
  • television
  • radio and film production
  • editorial roles
  • media management
  • advertising and public relations
  • education

Our graduates have won many awards in a variety of media specialisms. These awards include BAFTAs in investigative reporting, programme production and scriptwriting; Sony Gold Radio Academy awards for BBC Radio 1 documentaries; and Emmy awards for visual effects production in film and TV.

Partnerships and industry

The University is the host for the annual Focus on Scotland Factual Television Festival. The festival brings together leading decision-makers and experts from the industry with our students for workshops, lectures and invaluable opportunities to connect and share ideas.

Journalism and Publishing research

Journalism and Communication research at the University of Stirling is carried out by the Communications, Media and Culture research group. Their work encompasses research into screen and print media, digital and social media, public communication and promotional culture, heritage and archives.

The Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Book Cultures was established in 1982, and has since developed a global reputation for its research activities, and its industry links. The centre focuses on book, magazine, journal and digital publishing. Through their research, the centre critically analyses the past, present and future of publishing.

Postgraduate research opportunities

As a Journalism or Publishing research student at the University of Stirling you'll work with research specialists in journalism and public relations in addition to researchers working on many aspects of media representation, media institutions, media and communications policy, and also on numerous relationships between media, culture and society. See all our PhD and MPhil opportunities in Communications, Media and Culture including Journalism