Public lecture marks 20 years of Scottish devolution

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Scottish Parliament

Key figures in the history of the Scottish Parliament have participated in a special public lecture held at the University of Stirling - marking the 20th anniversary of devolution in Scotland.

The panel discussion, organised in conjunction with the University’s political archive, considered how the institution and its processes have evolved over the last two decades, and discussed perspectives for the future.

Chaired by the archive’s Director, Dr Peter Lynch, the panel brought together a cross section of parliamentarians, featuring Depute Leader of the Scottish National Party Keith Brown MSP, Scottish Labour’s Jackie Baillie MSP, and the Parliament’s Deputy Presiding Officer Linda Fabiani.

Speaking ahead of the event, Peter Lynch said: “The 20 years since the Scottish Parliament was established have witnessed a number of milestone events in Scottish politics. In addition to the divergence in public policy that devolution has facilitated, constitutional debate has become a mainstay of the Scottish political landscape.

“With Brexit now colouring the debate around Scotland’s future, it certainly remains to be seen whether devolution, in its current form, remains the ‘settled will of the Scottish people’. Tonight’s discussion will be a unique opportunity to hear from those at the heart of the debate at a formative time in the Parliament’s history.”