Education experts to run academic writing workshops in Brazil

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Academic writing workshops

Education experts from the University of Stirling are running two academic writing workshops in Brazil next month after securing funding from the British Academy.

Dr Vander Viana and Dr Maureen Michael will hold two week-long workshops in Fortaleza and Belo Horizonte in August, in collaboration with colleagues from the UK and Brazil.

The aim of the writing workshops is to foster academic relationships between researchers in both countries, as well as promoting research currently being produced in Brazil.

Head shot of Dr Maureen Michael and Dr Vander Viana

Dr Maureen Michael and Dr Vander Viana 

“The workshops will enable us to collaborate with a range of early-career researchers who have been conducting fascinating research projects in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences,” said Dr Viana, Lecturer in TESOL and Applied Linguistics.

“They will also allow us to establish meaningful links with these colleagues, who work all over Brazil.”

The workshops - which are free of charge - will provide guidance about writing for academic journals and drafting grant applications, as well as raising awareness of funding opportunities between Brazil and the UK. 

They will also enable participants to improve their proficiency in academic written English and engage them in peer reviewing.

“Overall, these benefits will have a clear impact on the participants’ academic development and will help them significantly advance in their careers,” said Dr Viana.

The first workshop will be held in north-eastern Fortaleza between 6-10 August, followed by one in south-eastern Belo Horizonte between 13-17 August.

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