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March 2018 news

University of Stirling shortlisted at top aquaculture awards
Dumbbells and degrees: University of Stirling Sport launches strength and conditioning internship programme
Major conference on emergency care research held at Stirling
Stirling student scoops Scottish journalism award
New study challenges myth that low-income parents and children suffer from a ‘poverty of aspiration’
More than a third of cancer cases are preventable, study finds
Stirling’s female athletes first with national titles
Brain size of human ancestors evolved gradually over three million years, study finds
Expertise on public involvement in research shared by honorary professor
Stirling’s sporting archive set for 10,000-mile trip to Oz
Stirling expert helps uncover new evidence of historical water activity on Mars
Students to take part in stock pitch event
University of Stirling opens its doors to young scientists
Interest rate hikes ‘pose mental health threat to people in debt’
Farewell for Stirling swimmers heading for the Gold Coast
Hunting in central Africa could devastate bird populations, study finds
University experts attend Japan-UK dementia events in Tokyo
Stirling academic calls on Government to provide more support for single parents
Research could improve management of conflict between wildlife and farmers across the globe
Stirling shoots for stars in university rankings
Senior University delegation visits dementia projects in China and Japan
Brexit impact on environmental law explored by Stirling expert
Half of Scots “not confident” in giving CPR, study finds

Stirling poet honoured

A leading University of Stirling writer has been elected to the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Stirling poet honoured
Leading fund manager to address the impact of behaviour on finance and investment
Record-breakers and knockout winners: Stirling athletes continue fine form
Stirling scoops top award for dementia app launch
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