Stirling to develop insect processing solutions for aquafeed

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Experts at the University of Stirling will play a key role in a two-year project to develop advanced insect processing solutions for aquafeed.

The University’s world-renowned Institute of Aquaculture has joined a consortium that is seeking to work with leading and emerging producers of black soldier fly larvae in producing new insect products for a series of animal feed sectors.

The consortium will provide general expertise in fish farming, specific knowledge on fish nutrition and health, and will carry out assessments and fish trials during the project.

Dr Oscar Monroig, a lecturer with the Institute of Aquaculture, will study the nutrition aspect of the new feed and his colleague, immunologist Simon MacKenzie, will cover health.

Institute of Aquaculture lecturer, Dr Oscar Monroig

Institute of Aquaculture lecturer Dr Oscar Monroig will play a key role in developing advanced insect processing solutions for aquafeed.

Dr Monroig explained the approach could improve the health of fish.

He said: “We will be assessing the impact of different insect meal products developed by the other partners/work packages on fish health and immunity.”

“The insect meal products manufactured by Entomics, in collaboration with Reading University, will be used not as a mere fishmeal replacement alternative, but rather as a feed ingredient for functional feeds aiming to enhance health of fish.”

The Institute of Aquaculture is also advertising a part-time post-doctorate post for the project, and the University’s technicians will be involved in the fish trials.

The consortium is led by Entomics, a company founded by Cambridge University graduates, and also involves academics from University of Reading.

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