Siti Nur Sofia Binte Muhammad

BA (Hons) Retail Marketing


Image of Siti Nur Sofia Binte Muhammad

Siti's Story

As a self-confessed “shopaholic”, Siti Nur Sofia Binte Muhammad was in no doubt that Retail Marketing was the degree course for her.

“Studying the theoretical aspects of my favourite brands was something I was eager to discover because I have always wondered how they are able to keep up with growing demands and expectations of shoppers,” Siti explained.

The 23-year-old, from Singapore, opted to study with the University of Stirling in her home country as she was impressed by its reputation and it offered her the option to remain close to family and friends.

During the two-year course, Siti overcame a number of challenges as she juggled her University work with a part-time job – but she pulled through thanks to her family, friends and retail therapy.

“I was quite fortunate to have many of my friends and family members who were there for me motivating me each time I faced a hurdle. “I also overcame stress through retail therapy, mostly carried out online. It gave me a sense of euphoria when I receive my favourite fashion brands in the mail.” Now she has graduated, Siti is working for LVMH group, which comprises 70 companies creating high quality products across a range of markets, including fashion, perfumes and jewellery.

Siti describes her time at Stirling as “amazing” with her only regret being that she did not take up the exchange opportunity to spend one of her semesters in Scotland.

She added: “I’ve forged many deep and meaningful friendships with my classmates. “It is so much fun and exciting to be able to get to know people who share the same passion and interest as me.”