Jeremy Soh Keng An

BA (Hons) Sports Studies and Marketing

Image of Jeremy Soh Keng An

Jeremy's Story

Personal trainer Jeremy Soh Keng An is reaping the rewards after graduating with a 2:1 in Sports Studies and Marketing (Hons).

The 30-year-old, from Singapore, chose to embark upon a course with the University of Stirling as he felt it gave him the “perfect” opportunity to understand the science and business aspects of sport.

Jeremy had previously attained a diploma in sports and exercise science from Republic Polytechnic in Singapore but initially found the transition to university life difficult.

“The workload in university is completely different than that in the polytechnic,” he explained. “It was a hard but good lesson as it made me reassess my time management and prioritise my studies before work and sport.”

During his two years at the University, Jeremy had the opportunity to take part in an exchange programme and spent a semester in Stirling.

“I really enjoyed my time at Stirling and would love to go back one day,” he said.

Jeremy’s degree has given him the knowledge, skills and experience to grow his business.

He explained: “As I am working as a personal trainer now, I am continuing to build up my business and client-base.

“I plan to give myself a year to fully experience what this job has to offer. After that, depending on how well I am doing, I will either continue or find something different.”

Asked to describe his time at Stirling in three words, Jeremy replied: “Completely amazing time.”